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Our Goal is Perfectly Happy Customers


In over 50 years of working with wood, three things consistently impress me: wood’s strength and durability; its natural beauty and its ability to be worked and shaped. When I started building custom cabinetry and furniture, it made sense that I would use these inherent qualities to their fullest potential.

At Gardner Woodworking, we believe that building custom cabinetry requires dedication and respect for genuine craftsmanship and that’s what you’ll get with every project we build. Whether it’s a small table or a large custom kitchen, each piece reflects our passion for, and uncompromising commitment to detail.

My satisfaction comes from knowing that when you buy custom cabinetry from Gardner Woodworking, you’ve made an investment that you will enjoy for years to come. I am sure that down to the smallest detail, our work is something you’ll be proud to own.


Rich Gardner

Owner, Gardner Woodworking Inc

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