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Tips for Caring for Wood

  • Your cabinetry has been finished with catalyzed varnish. This finish is very durable and is resistant to water, alcohol and most products found in your home.

  • A damp rag is best for dusting. Cotton t shirt material moistened and then rung out as much as possible is usually best. Cloth should be damp enough to pick up dust but not leave any water residue behind.

  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment is usually the easiest way to clean accumulated dust in corners such as around raised panel doors.

  • Use a liquid dish soap solution to clean any sticky or greasy spots the dust rag will not remove.

  • Most aerosol cleaning products contain oils or silicones. These products will not harm the finish however they usually leave a film on the surface that shows fingerprints and attracts dust.

  • DO NOT use any products containing ammonia or any abrasive cleaner.

  • DO NOT use any type of scotchbrite or similar cleaning pads.

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